Parkview Services for Seniors

FAQ: Parkview Village

Am I eligible to live at Parkview Village?

Parkview is a designated seniors’ non smoking facility.  To move into Parkview at all members of your household must be a senior citizen as defined by the Ontario Human Rights Code.  That is, sixty or older.  You can apply earlier, but you will not be offered housing until you turn sixty.  You must also be a legal resident of Canada.

How do I get on the waiting list for accommodation at Parkview?

Rental and Life-lease application forms are available at the administration office of Parkview Village located at 12184 Ninth Line, Stouffville ON. L4A 3N6. Please feel free to drop in, or contact us by telephone at 905-640-1940 to have a copy emailed to you. Once your completed application is received, your name will be added to our wait list for housing at Parkview. A copy of your birth certificate or proof of landed immigrant or refugee status documentation is required.

How can I be sure that my name is on the waiting list?

Once we receive your completed application form, we will send you a confirmation letter.  If your application is not complete we will send it back to you with a letter specifying the additional information required. From time to time please contact the office for an update on how long it may be before you are contacted. If you have any changes which could affect your housing application please contact the office in order to update our files.

What if I change my mind about the type of accommodation I would like?

Once you have applied to Parkview you can have your name added to, or removed from any of the housing wait lists at any time.  If you ask us to add your name to another one of our lists, it will be back dated to your original application date.  Example:  if you applied for a two-bedroom apartment at the Village in June 2000, and later requested a two-bedroom life-lease suite, we would add your name to the Suite’s wait list retroactive to June 2000. (this flexibility is not available for rent-geared-to-income subsidy applications.)

 What if I’m not ready to move when you call to offer me accommodation?

You can decline an offer of housing at Parkview twice and still keep your place on the waiting list.  The third time of refusal, your name will be moved to the bottom of the waiting list.

Can I delay offers of accommodation?

If you know that you will not be ready for housing for some time, you can post-pone offers of accommodation.  Just send us a letter stating that you do not want us to offer you accommodation until after the date you specify.  You can reactivate your application at any time by sending us another letter.

What if the type of accommodation you offer me is not my first choice?

If you prefer to wait until your accommodation of choice is available, you are free to do so.  Remember, though, that the third time you decline an offer of housing, your name will be moved to the bottom of the waiting list. Alternatively, you can move in to the available accommodation and then apply for an internal transfer.  Your request for an internal transfer would be approved if it meets at least one of the following criteria:

Internal Transfer Criteria:

a)  if you are requesting a change in unit such as moving from a 2 bedroom apartment to a 1 bedroom apartment.

b)  if you are moving from rental and purchasing a life-lease or from life-lease into rental housing.

If your request for a transfer is approved, your name will be placed on the waiting list for your preferred accommodation based on your original application date.  In addition to any other related expenses, a fee of $250.00 will be applied for an internal move.

When will I be offered accommodation?

There is a waiting list for rental and Life lease housing based on the application date. You will be offered housing dependant on when you applied.  There is no provision for emergency accommodation We cannot make exceptions based on your personal circumstance in order to provide equitable opportunities for all applicants applying for senior housing.  Numerous calls are received asking when people on the waitlist can move in. We understand that knowing where you will live is very important, especially if your current accommodation is not appropriate to your needs or if you plan to sell your home. However, it simply isn’t possible for us to accurately predict when we will be able to offer you accommodation.  Our waiting list times are generally measured in years and vacancy rates can vary significantly from one year to the next. Although we appreciate your concerns, please understand that as much as our staff would like to help you, they cannot estimate or predict availability of a unit for you.  We don’t want anyone to rely on a “best approximate guess” that may prove inaccurate.

How many people are ahead of me on the waiting list?

There are a number of factors that can affect your position of the waiting list.  Applicants may move their names from one list to another.  Applications can be put on hold, reactivated, or current residents can request internal transfers. At any given time there may be fewer or more applications ahead of you than there were the day before.  As such, our policy is not to give waiting list numbers due to various conditions that can occur.

Parkview also fill units from York Region’s centralized wait list when a subsidized unit becomes available. A rental unit may be available to offer, however; it could be filled from York Region’s centralized list instead.

Once you call to offer me a unit, how long do I have to decide?

When your name comes up on the list, our staff will contact you to arrange a time for you to see the available unit. You will have to make your decision fairly quickly. Under normal circumstances we would expect you to accept or decline the unit within a short period of time. There are many, many people on the waiting list, and we cannot hold the units for extended periods of time. You may select to view the unit, but decline and wait for another opportunity to provide more time to consider the offer and your current housing status.

If I accept the unit offered to me, when do I have to move in?

For a rental apartment, you will normally be given a lease that begins on the first day of the next month.  If the apartment is available earlier, you may have the option of moving in earlier at a pro rated amount if it falls short of a full month.  If you are not able to move in at the beginning of your lease, rental charges are still applicable.  If you are accepting a life-lease unit, your move-in date will be dependent on arrangements you have made to have the unit upgraded, or painted. You may also have a house to sell, and may prefer moving in once the sale is complete. Please contact the housing office for more details.

Does Parkview offer subsidized housing?

Parkview’s rental buildings were developed with the assistance of the federal government. Some of the apartments at Parkview Village are offered with “geared-to-income” subsidies that reduce the rent to a percentage of the resident’s income.  Effective November 2000, this program is administered by the Region of York.  If you need a subsidized apartment, you must apply through York Region.  Application forms are available from the Parkview Village Office and may also be obtained through York Region’s website, at Any questions regarding the subsidized application forms should be addressed to York Region’s housing office at 1-877-464-9675.

Does Parkview offer tours of the building?

At this time, we suggest self directed tours, and offer detailed information sheets, pamphlets and application forms at reception. Should you wish to receive these items by mail or email please contact the housing office at 905-640-1940×2023 or by email at: to receive the information. The programs and amenities are located within the Village Centre, the common area between the apartments and the suites. Please feel free to come in and explore our facility and to speak with the residents who are the best possible source of information as to the operation of our facility. If you wish, enjoy our café, if you come around noon, which is open Monday to Sunday for our residents and their visitors.

Are Pets allowed?

Yes, you may bring your small pet, your companion is most welcome; just remember that it must be leashed at all times in common areas and outdoors. Any damages are at the owner’s expense.

Are there Doctors available and What type of care do you provide at Parkview?

No medical assistance is on-site as Parkview Village is an independent living senior’s facility.

If you require a doctor in the community, we are told the local doctors take our seniors. (this may change depending on availability.)

What Programs & Amenities Do You Offer at Parkview?

We have a program coordinator who arranges activities within Parkview as well as to arrange for external trips. Special speakers, professionals and Health Care individuals are sought out to provide information to our seniors. If you like to volunteer there are always things to do. We have a Café, offering meals at lunch, a library stocked full of books, puzzles and movies, and activity room for bingo, crafts, and cards, a fitness room, wood work shop, and a billiards, and shuffleboard area as well. A hairdresser and foot care specialist also operate on-site. For further information contact our program coordinator at 905-640-1940×2024.

Can A Resident Go To Parkview Home If They Need More Care?

Although Parkview Home is on-site, and affiliated with Parkview Village they are regulated separately as a Long Term Care provider. Community Care Access Centre must be contacted to provide information on long term care.  For further information on long term care please call CCAC at 1-888-470-2222 and they can provide you with details required.  Although a resident cannot go directly to Parkview Home, we do have CHATS, (a service partner) on-site 24/7 that can offer assistance during the interim if required.

Is There Parking For Residents As Well As Visitors?

Residents at the apartments have the option to rent a parking space for a monthly fee, all parking is located outside of the apartments. Life Lease Suites have underground parking, and Cluster bungalows a garage which come with the purchase of the unit.

Public Transportation and Emergency Assistance

York Region buses have a schedule stop at Parkview, with local routes within Stouffville, connections to Go transit, as well as stops to the Markham Stouffville Hospital.

The Fire Department, and EMS are located nearby on Weldon Road across from Parkview.

Church Services at Parkview

Community Mennonite offer church service on-site every Saturday, and Interdenominational Services are held each Sunday in the Village auditorium.