Parkview Services for Seniors

FAQ: Parkview Home

How can I be admitted to your Home?
Admission to Parkview Home is managed by the LHIN (Local Health Integrated Network) which serves the area in which the prospective applicant lives. Individual Medical and Social assessments are completed through the LHIN and are forwarded to the Homes chosen by the applicant. When a suitable room becomes available the LHIN representative will call you to issue a bed offer. If you accept the bed offer the LHIN coordinates the admission to the Home.

For more information about application, contact the LHIN at at 905-763-9928 or 1-888-470-2222.

How can I schedule a tour?

Tours are by appointment only. Contact reception to schedule a tour 905-640-1911 ext. 1221

How long is your waiting list?

The wait list is fully managed by the Central LHIN ; please contact your LHIN coordinator for this information

Do you have visiting hours?

Family members and friends are encouraged to visit frequently and continue to be involved as much as possible in the life of their loved ones. While Parkview does not have specific visiting hours, the security system makes it more challenging to enter before 8 am and after 8 pm. Children are very important visitors for our Residents.

Can I bring my pet to visit?

Pets with proof of health and immunization are welcomed to visit.

Can I bring my own furniture?

Parkview provides the bed, mattress, reading lamp, armchair, bedside table and wardrobe.