Parkview Services for Seniors

Mission Vision and Values

Parkview Services for Seniors is a warm community of Housing for Seniors and Long-Term Care Home in a beautiful setting in Stouffville Ontario. Our focus on innovative practices and values derived from our Christian perspective create an excellent basis for the compassionate care we deliver.


Motivated by our Christian faith and Mennonite heritage, the mission of Parkview Services for Seniors is to:

  • Serve Seniors
  • Nurture Community
  • Honour Aging



Our campus will be the most sought-after hub of community services and housing for older adults in York Region because where you age matters!




  • We serve each person with dedication, patience, kindness, compassion and respect
  • We honour the uniqueness of each person and strive to offer safety, comfort, belonging and opportunity to all who call Parkview home
  • We care about the whole person including the physical, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of health and well-being


  • We share our skills and knowledge so each of us can grow to our full potential
  • We are open to learning new ideas and innovative practices that will challenge and change us


  • We expect the best of ourselves and commit to work together to develop that in each other
  • We are proactive and adapt to the ever-changing environment in which we work


  • We are committed to honesty, fairness and transparency


  • We accept responsibility for the people we serve by:
    • making wise decisions
    • taking informed actions
    • using resources efficiently