Parkview Services for Seniors

Parkview Home Family Council

“People Helping People”

Supporting Residents in Their Needs

Mission Statement

“Families and friends working as another voice to provide support, share experiences and seek solutions to benefit all residents.”

What is the purpose of Parkview Home’s Family Council

The main purpose of Parkview Home’s Family Council is to improve the quality of life of residents and to give families a voice in decisions that affect them and their loved ones in Parkview.

Parkview Home Family Council Objectives:

  • Support for families
  • Provide education and information to family members
  • Discuss and offer recommendations on common concerns
  • Communicate and support staff and administration
  • Support the Music Memory Program
  • Sponsor and support music events

When We Meet

The Family Council members meetings and education sessions will be held on a quarterly basis, as per the Family Council’s “Calendar of Events” which will be posted on Parkview Home bulletin boards.

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